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Gallery AA/B Exhibits "Complex Harmony," Recent Work by Outstanding Regional Painters

        Milton, Mass., April 18, 2002 – Gallery AA/B - Art Advisory/Boston, a leading resource for high quality original art, announced today the upcoming exhibition of two Massachusetts artists, Chris Mesarch and Linda Price-Sneddon. The exhibition will be held from May 9 through June 27, 2002 on Thursdays from 12noon-6pm, and by appointment. The opening reception will be held on Thursday, May 16 from 5:30 to 8:00pm, at which a wine tasting will also celebrate the opening of this dynamic exhibition. Esprit de Vin of Milton features wines from small artisanal wineries throughout the world.

        The organization of complex concepts into harmonious compositions is the theme that connects the otherwise divergent work of Chris Mesarch and Linda Price-Sneddon. Both painters endeavor to simplify abstract or intangible ideas into ordered elegant solutions. The only American artist formally trained in Japan in the art of fanmaking, Mesarch incorporates into her work the discipline and refinement that is integral to many modes of Asian art. She may therefore successfully communicate varied personal memories through gesture and abstraction while still maintaining balance. Between clean, strong blocks of color Mesarch subtly reveals gentle elements of nature: a tree, a cloud, a bird. While naming an ongoing painting series, she heard the phrase "Big Science" spoken on the radio. Mesarch decided to name the group "Big Science" saying that "it makes a connection between what goes on in my own interior tiny universe to what goes on in the grand scheme of things."

        Price-Sneddon also feels a strong connection with science, but in a more concrete way. She applies scientific rules, as well as self-imposed rules, to describe spatial and linear relationships. Her interest lies particularly with Complexity Theory which, as she describes, "proposes that order is an emergent property of self-organizing systems once a density of threshold interaction has been achieved." Generating random graphic points on her canvases, Price-Sneddon creates a domain in which to test, scientifically and artistically, the possibilities and limits of interaction. Her "Activated Space" paintings bring together stunning contrasts in color and line.

        These two artists come from seemingly opposite ends of the aesthetic and design spectrum; to create delicately balanced compositions radiant with luminous color and elegantly painted forms.

        Mesarch's work is included in many private and corporate collections, including Fidelity Investments, Nokia and the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. She has been commissioned by Sasaki International, Dansk and the Cambridge Arts Council. Mesarch also received a Travel Grant from the Boston-Kyoto Sister City Foundation to study fanmaking in Japan, as well as an Arts Council Lottery Grant and a Craft Excellence Award from Bank of Boston. Mesarch has exhibited her work in Massachusetts, New York City, Chicago and Japan.

        Price-Sneddon was the recipient of a Massachusetts Cultural Council fellowship in Sculpture and Installation. In 2000, she received the John Singleton Copley Award from Nick Capasso at the DeCordova Museum. She has exhibited extensively throughout Massachusetts, having been included in fourteen individual, group and juried shows since 1999.

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